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Why You Need To Invest In Good Quality Paint

We all know renovating can be expensive, think about all the hardware materials you’ll need and add to that the cans of paint required to beautify the place. Since homeowners cannot skimp on materials otherwise the foundation is going to be compromised, what usually happens is they cut back on the paint. Instead of going for good quality paint, they opt for cheaper brands as long as it’s the color they need. It can be tempting to choose cheaper brands since you can save dollars by doing so, but downgrading to a less expensive brand has its repercussions.

Manufacturers know what their products are made of and they have their reasons for pricing them as such. If a certain paint brand is priced way higher than the rest then it means it’s made of good quality paint. If you are contemplating about going for cheaper paint, think it over. We’ll give you reasons why investing in good quality paint with a much higher cost is the best option you’ll have for your home.

  • Good quality paint adheres better because it has excellent binding qualities that allow the paint to grip to any surface. Cheaper paint does not have this quality so retouching your house from time to time is normally expected. And if you add it all up including the cans of paint you’ll use for retouch and the fees you’ll pay for painting services, simple mathematics will tell you that going for expensive paint is the best solution if you want to save money. Cumulatively, opting for cheaper paint with the frequent retouches in the future will cost you more. So if you are thinking about money, then better invest in good quality paint.
  • It conceals better. Again, if you’re looking at saving money as a factor in choosing paint, going for more expensive brands, although ironically, is the answer. Why? Top quality paints have better concealing qualities so when painting, it usually requires lesser coats, which saves you, time, effort and more importantly, it saves you money because there is no need to add any additional coats. Remember that the more coats you apply means the more money you spend.
  • It has better splash resistances. Yes, even this is a quality of good paint. When you go for expensive paint the tendency to throw off splashes of paint is less likely. The energy you’ll need to do aftercare will be spared.
  • Good quality paint also offers better touch-up. If you are going to do touch-ups in the future, superimposing on old paint will not be obvious because the rollers marks and the brush marks will just blend in naturally.
  • It offers better resistance against stains. The tendency with cheap paint is that they absorb grime and dirt better and faster whereas good quality paint shows better resistance making cleaning fairly easy for homeowners. 

So there you have it, all the reasons why getting expensive paint early on will save you a lot of money. Contrary to popular belief, going for cheaper brands does not automatically mean you’ve saved money. Sometimes you need to be wise in your decision making especially if it involves money.

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